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ILoveVibes.com is a company that believes in inspiration through music. Our dream is to inspire others to experience the soul moving experience through the music of Dance hall.

The dream started in 1987 after moving from the Caribbean to the U.S. I had a dance hall cassette with me at the time. I could not find an audience here that listened to it like I did and it made me feel a little frustrated that there was not a store I could buy this type of music from. I would always ask relatives to bring me stuff when they came to the states to visit. In 1991, my brother gave me a Stone Love cassette and said you have to listen to this. I thought that I was hooked before, but my love for dance hall grew to the point that I wanted everyone to experience what I was feeling. After moving to Atlanta and hearing people ask me for copies of my dance hall collection, I felt that same old feeling I had in 1987...the vibes and love that still burn which helped to create the name ILoveVibes.com

ILoveVibes would like to personally extend a special thanks to Winston from Stone Love, the greatest sound engineer, for the love and support of the ilovevibes project. Come join us and experience the passion of Dance hall.


Atlanta, Georgia
United States

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